Member Spotlight Continued


Hunter Seminsky

Follansbee, WV

Congratulations to Hunter Stephen Seminsky of Follansbee, WV, our Member Spotlight!

Favorite Activities: Hunting, archery, muzzleloading, fishing, camping, Cub Scouts, baseball, Wellsburg Colts Football, AKC Beagle trials, and basically anything outdoors.

Favorite Food: Bear Cubes

Favorite Hobby: WIthout a doubt, Hunting

Favorite TV Show: Alaska State Troopers

Hunter has a true passion for the outdoors, especially hunting. He is a true sportsman. Hunter and his father have attended the West Virginia celebration of National Hunting and Fishing Days at Stonewall Jackson State Park for the past four years. After the Sunday event, they head to the mountains in search of Black Bear (without dogs). After clumbing for over four hours to the top of North Fork Mountain when he was only 8 years old, Hunter used a 30-30 to harvest his first black bear!





Zailee Roberts

Congratulations to Zailee Roberts, our most recent Member Spotlight!

Favorite Activities: Hunting, fishing, horseback riding and gymnastics

Favorite Food: Hot dogs

Favorite Hobby: Fishing and catching craw-dads on the Greenbrier River

Favorite TV Show: Spongebob Squarepants and Michael Waddell's Bone Collectors

Zailee loves spending time in the outdoors no matter what she is doing. She loves going out to 
check the trail camera’s and suggesting a location for a stand, sitting in the tree stand with her daddy
during archery season and spending time at her camp on the Greenbrier River. Zailee also enjoys going
to Nashville each February to the National Wild Turkey Federation National Convention. She looks
forward to the day when she takes her first deer and turkey.




Breanna Preece

Congrats to Breanna Preece of Charleston!

She is in the 4th Grade at Malden Elementary. Her parents are Aaron and Jennifer Preece and she has a sister named Kelly. She likes to read, write, hunt and fish with her dad.


Her favorite food is pancakes. Her hobbies are passing football, jump roping and playing outside. Green and orange are her favorite colors. She likes going to church at Springfork Baptist Church in Campbells Creek, WV. She also likes to go camping at Summersville Lake.